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La fracture (14+)

A young woman tells a story. Hers and her father’s. Or rather her story and the role her father plays in it. Or, why he doesn’t play much of a role in it anymore. And what that means. Where it comes from. What’s missing. Where the gaps are, the blank patches in a landscape, which are called biography or Algeria or France. How many experiments do you have to do, which scenarios do you have to invent to find the path back to your own roots, to re-establish contact, locate a starting point, make amends, for resilience or healing?

In her solo piece, Yasmine Yahiatene shares the stage with a video screen and her drawing pencil. She’s the writer, searcher and protagonist in a story that describes a journey to her Algerian and Kabylian roots, to her father’s alcoholism and to the things they might have in common. Her artistic process creates a poetic field on the stage, where it becomes possible to decode an intimate and complex relationship, but also to ask how it was affected by the history of Algeria as a colony of France.
The show is in French with subtitles in Dutch. But the image play also an important role so yes, it could be possible to see it for non-dutch/french speakers.

The show is in French with subtitles in Dutch and English. But the image play also an important role so yes, it could be possible to see it for non-Dutch/French/English speakers.

The following viewing advice has been provided by the theater company for this performance:
Triggerwaring: The show speak about depression and alcoholism

Concept en maker - Yasmine Yahiatene Concept en dramaturgie - Sarah-Lise Maufroy Salomon Concept en artistieke coordinatie - Zoé Janssens et Olivia Smets Videografie - Samy Barras Geluid - Jérémy David Licht - Charlotte Ducousso Gedelegeerde productie - atelier 210 co-productie en co-presentatie - Kaaitheatre, coproductie met Buda (coutrai), Little Big Horn asbl, la Coop asbl et Shelter prod. Met steun van – la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (Bruxelles), Pianofabriek (Bruxelles), Citylab(Bruxelles), Darna asblL (Bruxelles), Ville de Bruxelles (Bourse Kangoroe), Centre Wallonie Bruxelles (Paris), Montevideo, centre d'art, (Marseille), Espace Senghor (Bruxelles), Cie L'hiver nu (Mende), Le Sillon Lauze (Marvejols), de taxshelter.be, ING et du tax-shelter du gouvernement fédéral belge

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