Connor Schumacher


Jeisson Drenth

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It is a celebration, a process, a cry for help and a helping hand. HOLD is a dazzling revue show in which we move with and towards each other. 

This time, Connor Schumacher joins forces with five other makers in the field of social and spatial design, art and science. Together, they create a club night that aims to welcome everyone – every body. Makers and participants form a society in miniature. We practice what it means to be human in an increasingly polarising world. How do we hold on to each other in it?

The fertile ground where seeds feed, where roots take root for strength and stability, that place where everything starts to grow; the Underground, the Night, the Club. Welcome to the HOLD.

We dance
We make contact with each other
We are confronted with our limits
We explore our intentions towards ourselves and others
We let our voices be heard
In short scenes we rehearse the metaphors we live by
We practise our habits and social interactions
We dance with ease and discomfort

Expect joy, effort, a smile and a tear

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