Genevieve Murphy / Stichting Rizoom / NB Projects

Kikker x Gaudeamus: At The Spot Where I Find Myself

Performance, Language no problem
At The Spot Where I Find Myself

Musical performance in which the subject of privacy is explored with spoken word, sound and visual art.

Stuck in a position of indecision a woman becomes increasingly aware of her body in the space, observing her apartment as an extension of herself. “At The Spot Where I Find Myself” is an assemblage of memories, experiences and projections giving you an intimate glimpse into the artist’s world and the characters she has met along the way. Collaborating with Belgian multi-disciplinary fashion artist Tom van der Borght for the clothing this concert is claustrophobic, disturbing, introvert, humorous and delicate, with spoken word, sound, imagery and performance running throughout.

Concept | Composition | Performance - Genevieve Murphy Fashion Artist - Tom Van Der Borght Assistent Tom - Sofie Renap Dramaturg of text - Nienke Scholts Dramaturg of performance - Constantina Georgelou Eindregie - Peter Leung Set Technician - Manuel Boutreur Technician/Lightning design - Colin Kassies Coordinator Stichting Rizoom - Milena Haverkamp Production – NBP Coach - Nicole Beutler Financial manager - Margreet Huizing Electronic Beats Gerri Jäger Mixing Mastering - Gary Shepard

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