We’re open: our measures


We can’t wait to welcome you in our theatre. In order to provide you a pleasant and safe visit, we took some measures. Because: We ​​​​​​​❤️ Theatre, but We ​​​​​​​❤️ You too of course.

Tickets only available online
Tickets can only be bought online or by calling 030-2347100, (Tuesday – Friday, 13:00 – 17:00). Our ticket booth is temporarily closed in the evening, so it’s not possible to buy a ticket at the entrance of our theatre before the start of the show. Please bring your ticket either digital or printed. One day before the start of the performance, you’ll get an email with the most important information about your visit.

Cancel without any costs one working day before the show
Don’t you feel well or did you meet someone who is ill? You can exchange your ticket for a voucher until one working day before the show without any extra costs. Send an email to kassa@theaterkikker.nl or call 030-2347100 (Tuesday – Friday, 13:00 – 17:00).

We’re open 20 minutes before the start of the show
We’ll open our doors 20 minutes before the performance starts. When you arrive at our theatre, we’ll welcome you and point the way to the theatre hall. We’ll also scan your ticket, which you brought with you either digital or printed. You’ll also be asked if you’re feeling well. If not, we might ask you to not visit the performance.

Extra hygiene measures
We took some extra measures to warrant hygiene in the whole building. Disinfectant is available for both visitors and employees.

Face mask
Visitors older than 12 years have to wear a face mask in our building. During the performance, you can keep it off.

No cloakroom, bathroom limitedly open
You can take your coat with you in the theatre hall. Our cloakroom won’t be used. Did you go to the bathroom at home? Then you prepared yourself well! However it’s still possible to visit ours. Access to our toilets is limited.

Place in the theatre hall
At the entrance of the theatre hall, you’ll be pointed a place to sit. You can sit next to your company, as long as you live in the same house. In our room, you’ll find only single and double seats. This way, we utilise the maximum capacity of our theatre hall. Moreover, we guarantee that there is enough space between you and the other visitors.

Wheelchair space and hearing loop
Would you like to use the wheelchair space or a hearing loop, but haven’t you made a reservation yet? Please do this as soon as possible, so we can provide you one for sure. Send an email to kassa@theaterkikker.nl or call 030-2347100 (Tuesday – Friday, 13:00 – 17:00).

After the show, bar closed
Please stay seated after the applause. We’ll give you instructions for leaving the theatre hall safely. Our bar is closed at the moment. Would you like to drink something before or after the performance? Make you’re night out complete with a snack platter of STAN & CO. or a cheese fondue package of Bar Cava. Do you prefer stamppot or soep? Then Twintig is the place to be. Place an order before your visit to one of our performances and reminisce on the show with a snack and a drink of our neighbours. Don’t forget to mention your visit to Theater Kikker in your request!

We wish you a pleasant evening!

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