What You See Festival: While We Walk - Nikita Maheshwary

do 01 januari

What You See Festival: While We Walk

Nikita Maheshwary

Does the city belong to you? Or do you belong to the city? Does the historical centre of Utrecht gives you a sense of ownership, or do you feel more at home in other parts of the city? Indian artist Nikita Maheshwary walked through New Delhi, Tilburg and Sofia with women of different religion, race, age and culture and asked them how the city shaped their everyday live and sense of belonging. Now, she is in Utrecht and opens up her project to everyone. So join her on one of her a one-on-one 'walking conversations’ to discuss your sense of belonging. The conversations are in English.

The collective knowledge and impressions of these walks will evolve into a growing installation of memories, anecdotes, objects, and sounds, that will be shown throughout the festival.

You’ll find the complete What You See Festival program, including film, exhibitions and more on https://whatyouseefestival.nl/en/. Don't forget to sign up for the What You See Newsletter.
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concept, walks and installation
Nikita Maheshwary
Foyer van Theater Kikker
Chirag Bhasin
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