Unmute - Keren Levi / Stichting Neverlike

    za 26 oktober


    Keren Levi / Stichting Neverlike

    Choreographer Keren Levi and composer Yannis Kyriakides (Slagwerk Den Haag) cross into barely explored territory where digital technology and the physical skills of four dancers and two musicians interact with each other. A dance concert with a mesmerizing soundscape of digitally treated vocals; about the value of every voice and the right to freedom of speech.
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    data & tijden
    Concept, choreografie
    Keren Levi
    Concept, muziekcompositie
    Yannis Kyriakides
    Performance / Dans
    Eva Susova, Charlie Laban Trier, Matthew Day, Keren Levi
    Performance / Percussie
    Fedor Teunisse, Pepe Garcia
    Grote Zaal
    Eti Steinberg
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