Tweetakt: Mia Kermis (10+) - Stefanie Claes / Lucinda Ra

za 18 september 2021

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Tweetakt: Mia Kermis (10+)

Stefanie Claes / Lucinda Ra

Close to Stefanie Claes’ house in Antwerp, there’s a baby hatch, a hatch where people can leave their baby anonymously. It is a place that Stefanie finds endlessly fascinating as she tries to understand it. To her, the image of a newborn child being torn from its roots seemed the start of an immensely important story. Mia Kermis is an ode to every abandoned child that has ever lived and an ode to the imagination and our curiosity to find out more about our origins.
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Concept, ontwerp en spel
Stefanie Claes
Feedback en dramaturgie
Simon Allemeersch, Barbara Claes, Sofie Van der Linden
Iwan Van Vlierberghe
Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Ontwerp affiche
Lucinda Ra & Vooruit i.s.m. DEStudio
Met dank aan
Het Bos, Wp Zimmer.
Grote zaal
Kerlijn van de Cruysen
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