Tweetakt: Identity n’a ngai 12+ - Jolie Ngemi

do 01 januari

Tweetakt: Identity n’a ngai 12+

Jolie Ngemi

An energetic dance performance about the inaudible and invisible elements that determine our identity. Jolie Ngemi is looking to find who she is, and why, while dancing. She went from Kinshasa to Europe, and further around the globe. Her dance is like a journey around the world, we see everything she encounters: a tribe, a village, different religions and cultures.
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Concept, choreografie en performance
Jolie Ngemi
Rodriguez Vangama
Live muziek
Michael Anklin
Geluidsopname in Kinshasa
Nkanza Dep’s Vita
Fabian Barba
Uitvoerende productie
Caravan Production
La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, Association de Circonstances Genève, Connexion Brussels
Grote zaal
Vladimir Dziomba
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