TRANSMOTION - DIVEinD / Dario Tortorelli


DIVEinD / Dario Tortorelli

In Transmotion, choreographer Dario Tortorelli invites you to become part of a transformed theatre space – a semi-natural garden. In collaboration with a team of interdisciplinary artists, Tororelli presenst an immersive event that combines combines theatrical architecture, soundscapes and the language of movement. A sequence of movements inspired by folklore and rituals then comes into play, stimulating a unity between the space and all of us. Embrace the coexistence of beauty and impermanence.
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Concept, direction & choreography
Dario Tortorelli
Performed by
Dario Tortorelli, Rosalie Wammes en Thierry Castel
Live Music & composition
Thierry Castel
Set design & landscape
Rosalie Wammes
Light design
Remko van Wely
Costume design & production
Chiara Amaltea Ciarelli
Dramaturgie & assistant director
Judit Ruiz Onandi
Grote Zaal
Rob Hogeslag
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