SPRING: R for Resonance - Ho Tzu Nyen

za 07 t/m wo 11 november

SPRING: R for Resonance

Ho Tzu Nyen

A 3D-installation about gongs in Southeast Asia

Embraced by the warm sounds of a gong, you become part of a visual storm of objects in this VR-installation. The Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen wonders what unites Southeast Asia, a region that was never unified by language, religion or political power. He is working on a Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia, a glossary of terms that brings the region together in strange and unexpected ways. The R represents resonance. The accompanying installation tells the story of the gong. An instrument that resonates throughout Southeast Asia’s 3000-year history.
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Concept: Ho Tzu Nyen
Co- producer
Sharjah Art Foundation, Rockbund Art Museum Shanghai, Edouard Malingue Gallery
Met dank aan
Edouard Malingue Gallery
Grote zaal
Courtesy of the Artist and Edouard Malingue Gallery
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