Shake Shake Shake - De Dansers

    do 03 december

    Shake Shake Shake

    De Dansers

    Shake Shake Shake is a live music concert that escalates into a dance performance. A live band of dancers and musicians sings about getting stuck and shaking free, chasing the top and hitting rock bottom. One jumps over the other’s instruments and a little later they are both involved in a poetic dance duet. A rock and roll ritual, with music as engine and inspiration as fuel.

    Shake Shake Shake is about feeling alive, in a world that leaves you hardly any control over where your attention is going. It’s about music, as a contagious invitation to move and shake off all misery, as in the soul, the punk and perhaps every musical movement that represented a dissenting voice. But above all, Shake Shake Shake is about sticking together and searching for our own alternative direction.
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    data & tijden
    Guy Corneille, Josephine van Rheenen
    choreografie: Josephine van Rheenen i.s.m. spelers
    live muziek en dans: Ruben van Asselt, Guy Corneille, Yoko Ono Haveman, Marie Khatib-Shahidi, Wannes De Porre, Hans Vermunt
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    Moon Saris
    Moon Saris
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