Portraits - Guilherme Miotto / Corpo Máquina


Guilherme Miotto / Corpo Máquina

Where you are born and under what circumstances are major determining factors in how your life will pan out. We might take a look at each other  from another perspective. Or does the other person’s gaze determine who you are? In Portraits, five female dancers and three men from the street meet each other on stage. In front of an audience they are introduced to each other’s worlds and experiences. A dance performance about feeling free and secure. An invitation to really see and feel each other.

After the performance, an after talk with choreographer Guilherme Miotto and two dancers of Corpo Máquina will be organised.
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Guilherme Miotto
Georgia Begbie, Gaëlle Callewaert, Ahmed, Said, Julia van Rooijen, Ismail, Simone O Toole, Kelly Vanneste
scenografie en licht
Erik van de Wijdeven
Joel Ryan
Moos van den Broek
Grote Zaal
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