Pointless International Medley - Maatschappij Discordia / 't Barre Land / Stan Vreeken

ma 17 december 2018

Pointless International Medley

Maatschappij Discordia / 't Barre Land / Stan Vreeken

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Coco, Joey, Buster, Sugar and Stan Vreeken make an unnecessary and essential medley.

‘What is a medley without music, what is life without a medley?’

There comes a new medley out of the stock of 200 years of classical clowns scenes. Never the same and always simply the best. Probably unnecessary and essential. Buster plays Buster, Joey plays Joey, Coco plays Coco, Stan Vreeken is Stan Vreeken and if you need Sugar there is Sugar. A compilation of the worst jokes, scenes and pantomimes. With live music! And even some never before seen material! 17 and 18 december in Theater Kikker, two opportunities for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss it, because we will miss you!

No playing allowed here -
The broken mirror
 - The cigar box
Load! - Unload!
- It’s not my brother, it’s not my sister
 -The flea Magic - Molotov
- The clown in the audience
- Der zirkuskauf
- The rabbit
- The sleepwalker
- Magic coffee
- The elevator
- The egg in the pocket
- The broken plate
- Broodbolletjes snijplank
- The lion
Tightrope walker
- Two cigarettes
- The funnel- 
Love song - The carrot- 
Dog and the sparrow
- The piano
- Money matters
- Three sisters
- Philosophical dog
- Der halve witz
- Simply the best!
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Vincent van den Berg, Jorn Heijdenrijk, Matthias de Koning & Czeslaw de Wijs
music by
Stan Vreeken
Grote Zaal
Sofie Knijff

Pointless International
Pointless International is an English speaking international clown performance presented by theater companies Maatschappij Discordia and ’t Barre Land. Theatre members Matthias de Koning, Jorn Heijdenrijk, Czeslaw de Wijs and Vincent van den Berg have joined forces to combine the best of the stage with the best of the circus.

Stan Vreeken

With his big sense of imagination and strong poetic instincts– accompanying himself on guitar and baritone ukulele – Stan Vreeken (1985) creates a space for his audience to be immersed in. His well-crafted songs, fortified by his intimate and sometimes compelling vocal rendition, are precious little gems in these fleeting times. Therefore it makes perfect sense that Stan is often compared to songsmiths of earlier days such as Paul Simon, Elvis Costello or James Taylor. Ever since he graduated as a singer from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (in 2011) Stan has been active in the music and theatre scene of the Netherlands. In 2017 he toured througout the country with theatre piece Find Me A Boring Stone, which he performed together with actor Gijs Naber. In 2015 he peformed The Big Easy – with his own theatre company Tijdelijke Samenscholing – which was a big hit on Oerol and Operedagen Rotterdam. In 2014 he appeared in television show De Wereld Draait Door with his former band (The Big Hunger). Furthermore, Stan has been the main lyricist for Ruben Hein, who has won an Edison for his album Hopscotch. Among the songs Stan co-wrote where the singles Elephants, That’s Not Life, Hopscotch and Fool By Morning.


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