Pilot PC - Connor Schumacher

    di 03 november

    Pilot PC

    Connor Schumacher

    How do we practice being active in our culture? How do we change behavior in society? Move towards a new physical culture during the immersive experience Pilot PC. Connor Schumacher returns to the blackbox and invites you to start moving and build a dynamic Physical Culture together. A Sci-(non)-fiction research into what it takes to reflect and move through the experience of 2020 with a healthy distance. With his alter ego The Fool, Connor Schumacher will bring you into an immersive space where we, from wherever you are and whoever you are, will build the skills to progress towards a new Physical Culture.
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    Een project van
    ARK - Connor Schumacher
    Connor Schumacher, Majon van der Schot en het publiek
    Maaike Schuurmans
    Licht- en videotechnicus
    Edwin van Steenbergen
    Tekst, video & muziekbewerking
    Connor Schumacher
    Stichting ARK Co-productie
    Dansateliers en de Nederlandse Dansdagen
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    Grand Theatre
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    Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Rotterdam.
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