OMG - Igor Vrebac / De Nieuwe Oost

za 02 oktober 2021


Igor Vrebac / De Nieuwe Oost

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OMG is an unprecedented trip to a world full of colour, ecstasy and abundance. Three performers welcome you into sporty atmospheres, jumping inexhaustibly. With total commitment and explosive energy, they celebrate deep-rooted human powers.

For this performance Igor Vrebac wonders how to believe. ’I believe in listening to my body and connecting it to deeper intuitive layers. It's about listening within, giving attention to feelings and letting go. By cherishing this process, creativity, playfulness and connection grow.’

With OMG, Igor and his team are referring to both contemporary popculture as age-old ceremonies as sporting expressions. Personal stories always take on a universal form in Igor's work. In 2018 he was nominated as an up-and-coming choreography talent by De Nederlandse Dansdagen.
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Concept & maker
Igor Vrebac
Makers & performance
Inbal Abir, Max Laros, Anton van der Sluis
Mirte Engelhard
Tonny Nobel
Maarten Bos
Lichtontwerp & techniek
Tommy van de Broeck & Rob Daanen
Stichting Igor Vrebac i.s.m. De Nieuwe Oost
Grote Zaal
Bas de Brouwer
Bas de Brouwer
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