Moving Futures 2020 - Lois Alexander / Sigrid Stigsdatter / DOX & Jasper van Luijk

wo 29 april

Moving Futures 2020

Lois Alexander / Sigrid Stigsdatter / DOX & Jasper van Luijk

No performances will take place until June 1st. In case you have tickets, you'll be informed.

Moving Futures is a travelling festival that features choreographies by up-and-coming talent and presents raft of extraordinary pieces by new makers. The emotion lingers on as you leave the venue after the performances. This year, a new generation of boundless and fearless makers looks ahead to the future with a hopeful and energetic look. The festival was set up by five dance institutes to introduce their choreographers, who will also be highlighted in an inspiring ancillary programme.

On Wednesday 29 April:

Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen - Cold Hawaii
In the dunes of Cold Hawaii, a lonesome body is caught in a constantly moving body wave.

Lois Alexander - Neptune
A solo attempt to liberate oneself through returning to earth’s natural resources.

DOX & Jasper van Luijk
Fourteen DOX dancers perform in a choreography by Jasper van Luijk a preview of their new show.

Film of Cinedans Film Festival

Extra: slightly uneasy, lighthearted and heartwarming location performance see me notice you by Arnhemse meisjes at the Ganzenmarkt at 19h15 (free admission).

Watch the program of Tuesday 28 February.
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data & tijden
Cold Hawaii
Concept, choreografie en performance
Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen
Choreography, performance
Lois Alexander
Nina Kay
Shannon Sea
see me notice you
Concept & performers
Inbal Abir, Yeli Beurskens, Anna Fransen & Kim Tuerlings
Compositie & live muziek
Rosine Langbroek
Grote Zaal
Mathilde Soes Rasmussen
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