Last Resistance - Annemijn Rijk/Body of Art

    do 10 maart

    Last Resistance

    Annemijn Rijk/Body of Art

    Last Resistance is a duet between the grasping body of a young man and the clear, warm voice of the messages he plays on repeat. Clasping on to what remains, in a desperate attempt to have the voice tell him how to continue, how to carry the cold sweat on his body - without her.

    “Nobody really tells you this, but sometimes, the healing hurts more than the wound. Yet I want you to know darling, that a healed person can love you to death and never speak to you again. I need you to understand that.”

    Body of Art is a platform and multi-year art project of choreographer Annemijn Rijk. Ten themes from the book Body of Art, each offer a context and guideline for research into the hidden stories our human bodies carry. Eventually creating a multi phased work of art that shows how we experience our humanity through our body in the current zeitgeist.

    Last Resistance is based on theme number two: The Absent Body
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    Concept, tekst & choreografie
    Annemijn Rijk
    Blazej Jasinski
    Tessa Stephenson
    Tekst editor
    Anna van der Kruis
    Aura Bouw
    Bo van Vliet
    Makershuis Tilburg, Chassé Theater Breda
    Loes Verstappen
    Grote Zaal
    Blazej Jansink
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