Kikker Gemist: Language - Vanja Rukavina (coproductie Het Nationale Theater)

di 08 t/m do 10 september

Kikker Gemist: Language

Vanja Rukavina (coproductie Het Nationale Theater)

If two people do not share a language, they cannot understand each other. Simple. But, if you understand even one word of someone else’s speech, you are presented with a problem. You have entered the world of another culture, another way of doing things, maybe even a different way of thinking.

Naturally, in this performance, language is central. Communication is a bridge between cultures, but it’s also a barrier. How can particular words, and even rules of grammar, determine thinking patterns, world visions and culture? Why is it impossible to create a ‘true’ translation? And can you disconnect language from feeling or experience?

This performance includes strobe lighting and has English surtitles.
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data & tijden
concept, tekst & spel
Vanja Rukavina
Thomas Lamers
licht & decor
Marijn de Jong
Peter van Til
Jimi Zoet
Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens
Sarada Sarita
Grote Zaal
Sanne Peper
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