Hell yeah - NEON/De Nieuwe Oost

    za 18 april

    Hell yeah

    NEON/De Nieuwe Oost

    Hell Yeah is the sound of a freaky reality show on repeat, of sweat dripping heavily from an exhausted forehead to the pulsing dancefloor. It is the flashing strobelight that only shows the polished you.

    We welcome you to a exuberant exposure of the showman. Inspired by idols like Iggy Pop and Metallica NEON creates a live rock concert with movement. Four headbanging performers will blow you away with moshpits, slam poetry, epic guitar solo´s and stagedives. Indulge yourself in a sweaty meeting between bodies and decay, light and darkness and exposed existences.
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    NEON (Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen & Leon Emil Franzke)
    Rob Daanen
    Leon Emil Franzke, Sara Miguelote, Sebastian Pedersen, Malika Berney
    Xavier Geerman
    Grote Zaal
    Steven Lightert
    Steven Lightert
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