Theater Kikker X Het Huis Utrecht: Fremdkörper - Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot

    do 14 t/m za 16 oktober

    Het Huis Utrecht

    Theater Kikker X Het Huis Utrecht: Fremdkörper


    This performance takes place in Het Huis Utrecht, Boorstraat 107 Utrecht

    With Fremdkörper the makers duo Suzan Boogaerd and Bianca van der Schoot (Boogaerd/Vanderschoot or BVDS) invite you to stand still, to turn your gaze inward and give space to the unconscious. You move into the multi-layered dimension of 'sleep'. Sleeping is an elusive activity in which reality and reason are let go. Can we see the associative stream of images that starts in our subconscious at night as a source of wisdom? According to BVDS, it could be the key to the next step in the transformation process of mankind and her place on this earth.

    Fremdkörper is a rite of passage from an old patriarchal society, in which we have lost contact with our body and our environment, to a possible new form of existence. In Fremdkörper, BVDS invites the visitor to a dormitory for a ceremony inspired by ritual temples of ancient Greek scholars. The visitor's exploration is mainly inwards, towards a dreamed reality.
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    data & tijden
    Concept & regie - Suzan Boogaerdt & Bianca van der SchootVormgeving - Lotte Goos
    Geluidsontwerp - Remco de Jong & Florentijn Boddendijk
    Lichtontwerp - Theun Mosk
    Performance - Klara Alexova, Niels Kuiters & Dennis Tiecken
    Kostuums & poppen - Karin van der Leeuw, Erik Bosman & Sara Hakkenberg
    Rekwisieten - Tamar Stalenhoef
    Het Huis Utrecht
    Annaleen Louwes
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