Fragments of Sky - Iris van Peppen | Co

do 28 t/m vr 29 november

Fragments of Sky

Iris van Peppen | Co

Concert en dance perfomance in one. Between punk and meditation, panoramic and egomanic. Fragments of sky pushes the boundaries of the dance performance. A spectacle for the viewer, that addresses your corporality by making the pulsation and energy concrete.

Fragments of sky is part of Pulse Project; a journey that examines different ways of pulsation and vibration. Fragments of sky is an interdisciplinary performance that moves between instrumental and material. Nine performers - five dancers, three musicians and a double role for the singer - tranform in space and time, searching for different experiences of materiality.
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Concept & Choreographie
Iris van Peppen
Kim Hoogterp, Makiko Ito, Aida Guirro Salinas, Andrea Pisano, Rosa van Walbeek, Bryan Atmopawiro, Erik van de Wijdeven, Hugo Ariëns en Marc Nukoop
Dramaturgie: Fransien van der Putt
Grote Zaal
Alessandro Spinuso
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