Double bill: Safe Sex: The Movie & Bodyscan 223 - Teddy's Last Ride & Robin Nimanong

    za 09 t/m zo 10 oktober

    Het Huis Utrecht

    Double bill: Safe Sex: The Movie & Bodyscan 223

    Teddy's Last Ride & Robin Nimanong

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    A double bill about identity that combines a multi-dimensional trip into self-discovery with a Misfit Cyberpunk Act. Conflicting ideas about technology, accessibility and the queer identity are getting scrutinised.

    Teddy’s Last Ride | SAFE SEX - THE MOVIE
    Two dudes sitting in a shitty car. A DJ and a millennial - talking about the inevitable reality of life: it’s easier to fall than it is to rise. Be it gravity (or clinical depression) the conversation is interrupted by a collision - an impact that thrusts you into an absurd journey through the darkness of the subconscious.

    Safe Sex - The Movie is a multi-dimensional trip into self-discovery. The cinematic installationmakes you feel like walking into an elaborate music video. Is it theatre? Or entertainment?

    Through the eyes of the archetypical human, the performers of Safe Sex will lead you  through a Stranger Things kind of world. It’s a party, a personal rave featuring dope beats, cinema, theatre, dance, queer aesthetics and transformation. It’s real. What’s real anyways? Who cares? It’ll all be over soon. So come watch Teddy’s Last Ride hybrid film while you still can.

    Robin Nimanong  | Bodyscan 223: A Misfit Cyberpunk Act (shorter version)
    Bodyscan 223 is a media dance event, scanning our conflicted ideas about technology,  accessibility and queer identity. The dancers present their queer bodies as testimonies against discriminating structures of society.

    The audience scans their own experience through the non-conforming performers. Together they will enter a futuristic cyberpunk experience. Artificial Intelligence and big data are increasing inequality and threatening democracy. What if algorithms will control your lifepath? Will credits control our emotions?

    There has been more and more online safe queer spaces popping up online. But when are they real? The dancers will discover the current reality in this queer hybrid research.
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    data & tijden
    Safe Seks-The Movie
    Concept en script
    Andy Smart
    Concept en choreografie
    Manuel Kiros Paolini
    Regie film
    Lex Vesseur
    Peter Van Til en Lex Vesseur
    Frans Tigchelaar
    Jelmer Buitenga
    Gecreëerd met en uitgevoerd door
    Mohamed Boujarra, Viviana Fabiano, Manuel Kiros Paolini, Posij en Andy Smart
    Soundscapes en instrumentals
    Jonathan Bonny
    Andy Smart
    Kostuums, make-up en styling
    Jos Kwakkel
    Edoardo Elliot, Rinse De Jong en Sander Van Erkelens
    Agnese Fiocchi
    Zakelijke leiding
    Luisa Redenbacher
    Gerrit De Boer
    Technische productie en lichtontwerp
    Sanne Hensen
    Concept en ontwerp video installatie
    Suzanne Verhagen
    Make-up en styling assistent
    Sane Van Der Horst
    Famke Henkes
    Ontwerp credits
    Andrei Slach
    Met dank aan
    Niels Kooistra, Het Houten Huis, Oost, Paradigm, Flapper Management, Jola Meijer, Natalie Straatman, Arie Wink, Bob Verheijden en Blksm
    Mede mogelijk gemaakt door
    Grand Theatre Groningen, Kunstraad Groningen, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Station Noord en Gemeente Groningen
    Bodyscan 223
    Media Artist, VJ/DJ
    Irene Cassarini /AKA/ GUENTER RÅLER
    Dance Artists
    Joley Rammon Groeizaam & Jeroen Janssen
    Lara van lookeren
    Athina Liakopoulou
    RFX_propmaking & Creative Coding Utrecht
    Poster by
    Jeisson Drenth
    Special thanks to ICK Amsterdam, het Huis Utrecht, Vrijburcht theatre and Janivo
    Supported by
    Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten & Cultuurfonds
    Het Huis Utrecht
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