Do you believe me yet? - Astrid Boons/ Korzo

    do 31 maart

    Do you believe me yet?

    Astrid Boons/ Korzo

    In her second full-length performance Astrid Boons makes a connection between how the body stores unresolved traumas through dissociation and the reality of our virtual self in the digital age. Astrid explores with her dancers who we really are and what the repercussions are of our fragmented ‘adaptability’ according to any given social situation. Do you believe me yet? is a performance that will get under your skin and appeal to your sense of empathy.
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    data & tijden
    Choreografie en concept
    Astrid Boons
    Astrid Boons, Spencer Dickhaus, Spenser Theberge
    Miguelángel Clerc Parada
    Eva Martinez
    Licht design
    Bernie Van Velzen
    Grote Zaal
    Sjoerd Derine
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