Children of Happyland - Zarah Bracht / Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam

    ma 08 november

    Children of Happyland

    Zarah Bracht / Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam

    Amicable consensus used to be self-evident, but those times are over now. We live in a world of conflicting interests and blind spots.

    Happyland… It used to be a nice place. Discussions were civilized, the chairs were ergonomic, coats were padded and the intentions were good. Anyone who grew dissatisfied or bitter, surely had only themselves to blame?

    As an increasing number of illusions are starting to shatter, it gets harder to believe that everything is fine – even in Happyland. After all, nothing is good for no reason, and it might be better that way. But how do you live with discomfort, turmoil and disillusion?

    Children of Happyland is an allegorical world, somewhere between a fairy tale and a nightmare. Zarah Bracht exposes the nerves of our time: the interaction between fragile elderly and angry loudmouths, insecure teens and aggressive salespeople, conspiracy theories and nuanced thought, ecosystems gasping for breath and harsh economic measures. Visually and physically, the performers show blind spots and tunnel visions, vulnerability and defense mechanisms, demonstrations and gated communities, fear and courage.
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    Concept en regie
    Zarah Bracht
    Dennis Tiecken, Anneke Sluiters, Melyn Chow e.a.
    Ata Güner
    Liesje Knobel
    Hendrik Walther
    Dramaturgisch advies
    Mazlum Nergiz
    Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam
    Grote Zaal
    Bart Grietens
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