Blanco - Shane Boers & Simon Bus / Corpo Máquina

za 13 maart


Shane Boers & Simon Bus / Corpo Máquina

Because of the extention of the lockdown, this performance can't take place. In case you have tickets, we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Simon Bus and Shane Boers are two outstanding B-boys in the international dance-scene. In the coming years they will develop their talents as dancers and choreographers in the fold of Corpo Máquina. In Blanco they each present a duet with their own distinct signatures. As B-boy, Simon developed an authentic and experimental dance vocabulary. He is now extending the exploration of his own extreme physical abilities to the bodies of others. His B-boy name Statue reveals the special feeling for momentary monumentality that he brings to the flow of movement. Shane too is every inch a movement artist. He triumphed as a member of the renowned Tilburg-based HustleKidz. To him, moving means the freedom to let everything happen as naturally as possible. By definition, his reach extends into five dimensions.

Moon Grow Slow - Simon Bus The eternal competitive battle of life cultivated and incorporated on a soft and sensual journey. The rhythmical foot work and the House dance techniques of his performers provide Simon with the perfect base for a choreography that gently and pointedly uncovers the sublime in the mondain and the other way around. An expressive portrait of two bodies, young and inquisitive, with an undertone of wisdom and maturity.
With: Alesya Dobysh & Wennah Wilkers.

Evolution - Shane Boers In a time when we hide ourselves behind velocity, Shane Boers and Justen Beer expose new forms of virtuosity and expression in deceleration. Just like Shane, Justen is a member of the HustleKidz. Their undeniable talent and enduring friendship constitute a common ground from where they take their examination of B-boy techniques to the extreme. With near-inhuman skills they reveal an all-too-human vulnerability while their personalities being unraveled right before our eyes.
With Justen Beer & Shane Boers.
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data & tijden
Moon Grow Slow
Simon Bus
Alesya Dobysh & Wennah Wilkers
Joel Ryan Laura Kampman & Paul Devens
Set & Lights
Erik van de Wijdeven
Shane Boers
Dans:Shane Boers & Justen Beer
Joel Ryan
Set & Lights
Erik van de Wijdeven
Artistic Coaching
Evangelos Biskas
Grote Zaal
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