BAMBIERAMBAM: Bambie Treize - Bambie

    vr 06 december

    BAMBIERAMBAM: Bambie Treize


    Bambie Treize (2008) takes us to what resembles a movie set from a classical French film. In a wordless game, with all the hallmarks of classical slapstick, Ibelisse Guardia, Klaus Jürgens, and Jochem Stavenuiter show us a melancholy but cheerful love triangle that prompts a series of furtive meetings and attempted escapes.

    EXTRA: Bambie 4
    At the end of a long corridor, illuminated by tea lights, we see a naked man who cries for help. The other man dresses him. Together, they approach the spectators in order to reveal a delicate secret before their very eyes.

    Bambie 4 starts every 15 minutes, after Bambie Treize. Tickets (€3,-) can be bought at the bar.
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