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do 01 januari

BAMBIERAMBAM: Bambie 1 én Bambie 10


Bambie 10
Four men take cover in their tiny house, their familiar home base, like fearful little boys. Staying inside is safe but being outside is scary. Still, there is an urge to get out into the world with every last shred of courage. Bambie 10 can be seen for the first time since 2005 (when the performance was created). Stavenuiter and Van der Laan will be joined on stage by Gerindo Kartadinata and Marien Jongewaard.

Bambie 1
Two people are able to affirm their love to each other regardless of their mental and physical weaknesses. Toward the end of this saccharine parable of human impotence, Van der Laan draws on his last reserves to pipe a large whipped cream heart around his beloved Stavenuiter.

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