Artificial Intelligence or False Consciousness - IMPAKT │ and a presentation by Brody Condon

do 01 januari

Artificial Intelligence or False Consciousness

IMPAKT │ and a presentation by Brody Condon

We imagine that Artificial Intelligence involves "teaching" a computer how to be more human. But what about the flow of knowledge and capacities in the other direction? These shorts explore how the emotional and ethical faculties of humans are changed by the machines they interact with and how technological surrogates have begun to act as sources of social, psychological, and political authority.

Molly Lowe – Formed, US, 2013, 8:00 minutes.
A surreal non-narrative short that juxtaposes a series of vignettes that explore the transformation of our body image through ergonomic interfaces, technical screens, and virtual avatars.

Brody Condon – Future Gestalt US, 2012, 40 mins.
Set in a now antiquated vision of the far future, five trained performers are subjected to open-ended performative psychotherapy techniques, such as Gestalt group therapy. Tony Smith’s monumental "shape shifting" sculpture Smoke (1967), acts as an elaborate set that also appears to embody the immaterial presence of the encounter’s group leader though it remains unclear whether the faceted structure is an A.I., inter-dimensional entity, or mystical vessel.

Erica Scourti – Life in Ad Words, UK, 2012 12:00 mins
For nearly a year, Scourti kept a daily diary in the form of Gmail emails that she sent to herself. The Google Ad-Words algorithm converted each entry into a series of quantifiable objects, brands, and emotional states,, re-presented to Scourti in the form of ads accompanying her self-directed emails. In a series of webcam videos, Scourti performs the list of ads, forging a new entry into the historical genre of diary-based self-representation.
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