And the Rest is Noise - Fractal Collective

wo 14 t/m vr 23 oktober 2020

And the Rest is Noise

Fractal Collective

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This performance will take place with a maximum of 30 visitors. 

In this versatile performance, noise - often described as an unpleasant sound - is put into a broader perspective. Fractal Collective collaborates with the Japanese artist Daijiro to examine the ambiguity of noise. The performance starts with a blank page. Through an innovative soundscape and live painting, the performers look for the purest connection between them.
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Conni Trommlitz; Justin de Jager; Robert Villedieu & Zino Schat
Live Visuals
Daijiro Hama
Music Composition
Zino Schat & Little Ambient Machine
David Masson
Grote Zaal

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