ALL. - BOG. solo by Lisa Verbelen

    di 26 t/m wo 27 november


    BOG. solo by Lisa Verbelen

    ALL. is a music theatre performance in which Lisa Verbelen tries to grasp something big (everything). Alone. ALL. is about the fact that everything is complex. ALL. is part of Lisa’s long-term research into the relationships between the sound and the visual form of music, and into the influence music, language and scenography can have on each other and how they can form a composition together.
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    Concept en uitvoering
    Lisa Verbelen
    Suze Milius
    Roos Euwe
    Grote Zaal
    Jan Rymenants

    Lisa Verbelen is a remarkable musical performer. (…) Her renderings on stage are intimate, lucid, decisive. She calls out the complexity of all things, which is then translated into a comprehensible score for her audience. What she does is imbued with rhythm; an internal beat. It is no exaggeration to say that ‘she’s got it’.

    The committee of the Operadagen Rotterdam Award 2018.
    Jan Remenants
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